Monday, November 10, 2008

Because Brad Said I Wouldn't

Please note that this post was published on my old blog yesterday and is reprinted here because I can do basically whatever I want:

Brad said I should start writing a blog but that I wouldn't. He also called me smart and opinionated. He's only half right. I'm sure there have been stupider reasons for starting a blog but probably not many. So in spite of having an actual job that requires me to shave and wear clothes that I didn't sleep in the night before I am starting this blog. Because Brad said I wouldn't.For those of you who haven't been following, I have tried to maintain a blog by hijacking the comments section of Brad's excellent blog, Bone in the Fan. Until I learn how to embed links you'll just have to add a dot com to Bone in the Fan and you can read Brad's hilarious take on the world. Be forewarned, half of his posts are about Carrot Top. I think he doth protest too much.Also, the three of you who are reading this that don't already read it, please check out Nancy Rommelmann's amazing commentary at . OK, that looks like a link.Now, the name. I live in Brooklyn. I love Brooklyn. I wouldn't live anyplace else. I am one of those gun toting, quail hunting Republicans who also likes to ride fixed gear bicycles, drink espresso, kickbox, listen to college radio and NPR (gasp!) and work in a community garden. There aren't many of us, but Brooklyn is our ancestral home. Expect commentary on politics, architecture, Jersey drivers, soccer, coffee, Mixed Martial Arts and my amazing wife, Lola. Also, expect something like one post a month. So don't check back often. Remember, I'm only doing this to make Brad wrong. Something he's used to.

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