Sunday, August 2, 2009

Inside Baseball - So You Wanna be a Journalist?

Holy Crap, I just read the Op-Ed in today's NY Times by their Public Editor Clark Hoyt (the position they created after the fiasco a few years ago) about the train wreck of errors in the recent Cronkite obituary. As much as I like to see the smug liberal Times stumble ocassionally, this piece really demonstrates how hard it is to be a real live journalist - working multiple stories, on deadline - and to be a real newspaper with fact checkers, copy editors, deputy culture editors, late shift editors, etc. It is an amazing look at the inner workings of a major newspaper and a reminder that blogging is not reporting, or at least not the blogging I do. Being the paper of record is a responsibility the Times takes very seriously. Which is why I read it every day.


  1. Govern your thoughts when alone, and your tongue when in company. ....................................................

  2. This is old news by now, but if the Times was running according to form, most of the Cronkite obit would have been written and waiting for months, if not years. So there's really no excuse for this.

  3. Agreed, and I think that was one of Clark Hoyt's points. Thank you for reading and commenting!